Our Team

Maya Doe

Maya is a careers Reporter for Your Money Planet make it. Prior to joining Your Money Planet , she worked as a fiction stories and a freelancer for magazine, where she eventually worked her way up to careers editor. During this time, she created daily content for own website and worked with the research team to create content. she developed some own Newswebsite.

Jaden Grinberg

Jaden is a writer for yourmoneyplanet.com covering entertainment, finance, and business. She joined Your Money Planet after graduating from Roanoke College with bachelor's degrees in English and Creative Writing. Prior to Your Money Planet, Jaden held internships with Showtime and Roanoke College programs including The Writers Project .

Amy Canaan

Amy is a Editor of Your Money Planet. she studied English Literature and History at Sussex University before gaining a Masters in Newspaper Journalism from City University. Amy is particularly interested in the public sector, she is brilliant author, she is wrote some books of poetry , article, Essay. Now she working on Your Money Planet.

Ray Schmidt

Ray is the editor of Your Money Planet and he is Best writer and He has a particular interest covering digital strategy, leadership, enterprise culture, and diversity. Currently the Your Money Planet Online editor, Canaan meets regularly with Chief Information Officers and other business technology executives to discuss world issues and keep on top of news trends. canaan is also a former Press Association sports journalist and He was a sub-editor for once state-of-the-art digital interactive service Teletext.
Your Money Planet Online Editor, he managed the website to keep the premier hub for IT with insights from the IT industry's foremost experts.

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