Introducing SatoshiSwap, pioneer decentralized exchange built on the Bitcoin network.

SatoshiSwap.AI: Merging Bitcoin and DeFi to Transform the Future of Finance.

London, UK, 22nd February 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The DeFi sector is witnessing a NEW wave of innovation as projects increasingly explore possibilities beyond the dominant Ethereum network. One particular area attracting attention is the Bitcoin blockchain, with its outstanding security and established user base.

SatoshiSwap is a DeFi protocol built on the Stacks L2 chain, aiming to bring the flexibility and innovation to the Bitcoin blockchain. 

Experience the power of permissionless trading with the security and stability of Bitcoin.

Core Features:

  • On-chain trading: SatoshiSwap facilitates peer-to-peer trading of Bitcoin-based assets directly on the blockchain, enabling trustless and transparent transactions.
  • Liquidity pools: Similar to Uniswap, SatoshiSwap utilizes liquidity pools for price discovery and efficient asset exchange. Users can contribute assets to pools and earn rewards in exchange for providing liquidity.
  • Stacks L2 chain: Leveraging the Stacks L2 chain, SatoshiSwap aims to overcome scalability limitations on the Bitcoin main net, offering faster and cheaper transactions.


  • Swapping assets: Users can swap Bitcoin-based assets like STX tokens and wrapped BTC within the SatoshiSwap interface.
  • Adding and removing liquidity: Users can contribute assets to liquidity pools and withdraw them at any time, facilitating market participation and earning potential rewards.
  • Yield farming: By providing liquidity, users can earn rewards in the form of protocol tokens, incentivizing participation and contributing to the overall liquidity of the ecosystem.

Potential Use Cases

SatoshiSwap introduces potential use cases within the world of DeFi on Bitcoin, marking a move toward integrating DeFi functionalities into the Bitcoin ecosystem. SatoshiSwap aims to enable trading and exchange of tokenized assets on the expanding Bitcoin ecosystem. 

 While built on the Stacks L2 chain, SatoshiSwap ultimately interacts with the Bitcoin network. SatoshiSwap presents an interesting case study for exploring DeFi innovation on the Bitcoin blockchain. 


SatoshiSwap, operating on the Stacks Layer 2 chain, is a groundbreaking DeFi protocol revolutionizing the Bitcoin blockchain ecosystem. As a decentralized exchange, SatoshiSwap facilitates seamless asset swaps and liquidity provision, eliminating the need for wrapped assets and costly Ethereum fees.

With its platform at, users can directly trade tokens on Bitcoin, enhancing accessibility and reducing transaction costs. Leveraging the Stacks Layer 2 chain ensures swift transaction processing while maintaining the security and decentralization.

SatoshiSwap leads a new era of decentralized finance, where innovation meets with utility on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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