DAstra Network: How to make DeFi more widespread?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a type of financial instrument that uses blockchain technology to create decentralized applications, allowing users to exchange digital assets without intermediaries. Launchpads have already proven their effectiveness as a tool for decentralized economies, but they have not yet gained the widespread popularity that many Web3 enthusiasts desire. However, despite the numerous benefits provided by DeFi, this ecosystem has not yet gained the widespread popularity that many Web3 enthusiasts desire. In DAstra Network, we aim to propose a series of concrete steps that could help attract more people to DeFi.

Increased awareness

First, it is necessary to raise awareness of the opportunities provided by decentralized finance. This can be achieved through active work in the media, where specific examples of how launchpads can be used to attract capital will be discussed. Let’s consider two typical examples:

  1. A startup is looking for investment opportunities, but traditional financial platforms have overly strict KYC procedures or only accept accredited investors. You can list tokens on a launchpad that symbolize a share in the company. These utility tokens will allow their holders to participate in the company’s management and decision-making process.
  2. Another example of using launchpads is gaming startups. The tokens purchased by investors can serve as in-game currency, items, or any other form of in-game assets.

User-friendly interface

Although it may seem trivial, one of the main obstacles to the development of decentralized economies is a complex interface. Many users face difficulties when creating and issuing tokens. Therefore, it is necessary to strive to make the interface as simple and accessible as possible. An ideal interface should allow the creation and issuance of tokens with just a few clicks. This will make the use of decentralized financial instruments more understandable and attractive to a wide audience.

Low fees

Another factor that can attract users is low fees. Most platforms charge a 10% fee, while we in DAstra Network charge only 6%. This will allow users to save money when using our platform and make it more appealing to investors.


DAstra Network does not manage the capital of investors or the investment accounts of startups. Instead, we use smart contracts and blockchain technology to simplify the financing process. This ensures the transparency and reliability of transactions and increases the resilience to cyberattacks.

Moreover, in DAstra Network, you can participate in the management of the platform by joining the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) DAstra Network. To do this, you need to hold 10,000 native tokens DAN. This gives users the opportunity to participate in decisions related to the development of the platform and increases the degree of decentralization.

Web 3 opportunities for your business

We offer a simple interface, low fees and a decentralized approach to financing. Don’t miss the opportunity to raise funds for your business ideas and help Web-3 gain a stronger position in the global economy!

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