Midwest Tropical Indoor Water Wall-A Valuable Investment For Any Commercial Space

For over 40 years, Midwest Tropical has offered custom water walls fascinating bubble walls to showcase a dreamy oasis of peace.

Why a glass water wallWater has the property of calming because the splashing of water creates harmony. As you may know from personal experience, a pretty indoor water wall beautifies the space, and our custom water wall is even more beautiful! 

A water wall in any commercial space can be designed in natural and artificial form and looks fantastic. In the past decades, we have put together some wonderful bubble walls so that you can reflect when choosing your water wall. Visit our website for an incredible portfolio. 

Relaxation by a glass water wall

Our custom water wall is a must. A water wall made of stone steps in the passageway is beautiful. We use various objects for the indoor water wall. Let your imagination run wild. There are also custom water walls where the water does not collect but flows down a staircase and directly into the pump. Check out the many examples of our custom water wall and create your own!

Placing river stones by an indoor water wall can create a seamless transition. These elements create an exceptionally natural look because that’s exactly how rivers with waterfalls look. Your water wall will get the finishing touch if you design it with suitable accessories. 

A natural-looking glass water wall in the middle of the secluded entrance quickly becomes an eye-catcher. The flowing water attracts us all, making spending time outside a real experience. And best of all – with some skill, anyone can create a similar oasis of well-being. You decide the height of your custom water wall depending on how much space you have available in your area.

The glass water wall with a gradient is the best prerequisite for building a water wall. Easily create a single case or build multiple stages as you wish. A small veranda can easily welcome a custom water wall with the opportunity to relax indoors and admire your own creation of a stream or waterfall. The sound of running water has a calming effect, making your indoor area even more perfect for relaxing. If you have a fish aquarium, your water wall becomes particularly attractive.

And what if the custom water wall seems somehow boring? 

Then, a simple trick comes to the rescue – the sculptures can add accents, decorate your water walls beautifully, and make them look more elegant. Figures can be combined with both natural-looking designs and more modern variants.

An indoor water wall with lighting becomes an eye-catcher in the evening.

You can invest in lighting for the indoor water wall since we can create exciting lighting effects in the water wall. Either way, the area around the custom water wall should be well-lit to avoid accidents. So plan them right away. If necessary, lighting can also be added later. The element is perfectly highlighted. 

There are many different options, so make sure you do your research. When choosing your glass water wall, we have many different materials available, so make sure you find one that fits your style and budget. 


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