Camille Cabrera’s Cozy Mystery Novel Debuts on Four Different Charts

Los Angeles, United States – December 12, 2023 —

Bestselling author Camille Cabrera does it again! Cabrera’s latest cozy mystery titled, Lady Cavendish’s Christmas Caper, ranked in the top 10 on four notable Amazon charts. The novel made an impressive wintery debut as #2 on Amazon’s Christmas Holiday Romance eBooks.

Lady Cavendish firmly believes that she’s only a lady in name. All of her friends call her Charlie. Lately, nothing about Charlie’s life bolsters her confidence. In fact, she has absolutely no idea what she’s doing.

Charlie has until next Christmas to find a priceless missing art piece that’s the only thing standing between her and her inheritance. The cozy town is hiding more than just the location of the noteworthy artwork. Charlie’s late grandmother wrote that she would only receive the castle and all its treasures after successfully finding the tactfully hidden artwork. As the clock ticks closer to the deadline, it will take a Christmas miracle to help Charlie earn her inheritance and keep her wonderful new home.

Cabrera’s meteoric rise to cozy mystery fame additionally elevates the standing of her newest young adult mystery called Below the Water. The tale shot out of the water and onto charts while still available for preorder. Cabrera published two successfully charting mysteries within the span of a month. The recent release of Below the Water brings an impressive close to one of Cabrera’s most ingenious chart-topping years. All eyes will likely be on the newcomer come 2024 as she gains momentum as one of the best mystery novelists of the decade.

Camille Cabrera’s Team

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