Homeunity – enough of blood and fear caused by Revolution. Here comes the Evolution.

Alanya, Turkey, 29th December 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Homeunity removes the gloss from the Real Estate Market, making it accessible to everyone. To make this happen, Homeunity combines today’s best technology tools with Collaborative Consumption principles an older method of decentralization. This blend is supported by Blockchain technology, ensuring trust even without direct reliance.

Established five years ago, Homeunity has set up its framework in the form of cooperative, to comply with diverse legal regulations across different jurisdictions and stay true to the principles of decentralization and Collaborative Consumption. Operating as a cooperative, it grants equal ownership to all members, facilitating affordable property ownership by breaking it down to fractions and tokenizing it. Simultaneously, Homeunity manages properties, allowing individuals to profit from renting, reselling, or traveling worldwide with confidence, backed by Homeunity’s standards.

Our innovation democratizes and modernizes the old-fashioned Real Estate Market. How? You can now enter the Real Estate business by purchasing HRPT – Homeunity Revenue Participation token. This token offers a chance to share in the company’s real estate profits, providing significant opportunities to maximize your investment. As a token holder, you benefit from property development to rental income, while Homeunity handles day-to-day operations. This is a true representation of Collaborative Consumption. This is already a reality, the token is listed on DigiFinex and OrangeX!

Homeunity acts as a bridge between the digital and analog worlds, helping people navigate world’s ongoing dramatic changes without stress, fear, or the risks associated with misplaced trust.

Our aim is to assist people in naturally adapting to the evolving landscape, seamlessly integrating into a new world. We advocate for evolution over revolution, avoiding the bloodshed, fear, and rejection often associated with revolutionary approaches. Evolution is natural, inevitable, and essential to our very nature.

We believe that today’s evolution occurs in people’s minds. We encourage collaboration, acceptance of digitalization-induced changes, and offer our help in adapting. We understand that numerous revolutionary projects may have caused apprehension. We’re different—no complex jargon, no unrealistic promises, just a genuine opportunity to have a place to call your own.

Together, we can make a tangible difference. For more informationa visit our website https://homeunity.io

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