Ezu Feboke Creates a Fanciful World for the Fans of High Fantasy and Epic Battles in Ven of Nordia

Embark on a high-stakes magical journey to the Kingdom of Nordia and discover the power of love, resilience, and hope and the price of shifting loyalties.

Ven of NordiaCharlotte, NC, 22nd December 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Ezu Feboke, an emerging Nigerian author, pens down a highly coveted tale of love, loyalty, and betrayal against the backdrop of the fantastical kingdoms and warring races in “Ven of Nordia.” The book narrates the story of the ruling family of Nordia, its patriarch, and king, Ven, a descendant of the powerful Vilhelm bloodline. In a sorcerous world home to dwarves, druids, giants, dragons, and all sorts of unimaginable creatures, what makes the humans of Nordia so powerful?

The book picks up when the neighboring kingdom of Nordia, Exovia, runs out of their ancient riches and resources and has to look elsewhere to ensure the survival of the Elf race. The Elf King, Dorelli Rufus, decides to send an expedition to the Premorena Islands, an unclaimed territory between Nordia and Exovia, hiding an abundance of precious stones and metals in its depth. The Elf King’s desperate attempt to salvage his ruined legacy pits Nordia and Exovia against each other after many years of peaceful coexistence.

With a powerful enemy at his doorstep and corruption running deep in his kingdom, King Ven must fight for his honor, family, and a troubled nation.

Ven of Nordia” is everything a fantasy fan could hope for. With its rich worldbuilding, complex characters, and unsuspected plot twists to intricate political schemes for anyone who likes their fantastical worlds multi-dimensional and ravenous.

Ezu Feboke translates his whims and childhood dreams into an imagined reality in “Ven of Nordia,” beckoning his audience to give in to their fancies and detach from the morbid shenanigans of the real world. The author, a legal professional with a background in strategic business management, provides the readers with an escape and the power to conceptualize the most magical scenarios in the sanctuary of their minds.

“Ven of Nordia” is available now on Amazon in both physical and digital formats. Get your copy now and get ready to join King Ven and his family in a world of magical mischief and political intrigue.

For more information, contact Ezu Feboke here: ezufeboke@gmail.com

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