The Scandal of LimitlessX – Oprah’s Image Misused Amidst Consumer Outrage. Part II

United States, 1st Dec 2023, King NewsWireIn the shadow of the colossus that is Oprah Winfrey’s brand, LimitlessX stands accused, not just of peddling products under false pretenses but of a brazen misuse of Oprah’s image to lure unsuspecting customers into an alleged scheme of deceit. Despite Oprah’s clear stance, made resoundingly public through a CNN release in October 2022, where she categorically denied endorsing any weight loss gummies or pills, LimitlessX reportedly continued to leverage her likeness to sell their products.

Oprah’s Legal Standoff

The audacity of LimitlessX’s tactics has prompted Oprah to take legal action, as detailed in Bloomberg Law and Yahoo News reports. The lawsuit isn’t merely about unauthorized endorsement; it’s a battle for integrity, personal brand protection, and consumer rights. Oprah’s legal move sends a strong message against the exploitation of celebrity status and stands as a beacon for those defrauded by such practices.

The lawsuit alleges that LimitlessX, in a willful and conscious disregard for Oprah’s rights, intentionally capitalized on her goodwill and fame to promote and sell “weight loss” gummies and CBD products. This misuse has not only potentially tainted Oprah’s carefully curated brand but also misled countless consumers, many of whom turned to LimitlessX products under the false impression of her backing.

Customers Bear the Brunt

The outcry from customers has been vociferous. Reviews and complaints flood in, painting a picture of a company that not only exploited a renowned figure’s image but allegedly engaged in systematic theft from their customers.

“I was going to order the bottles of gummies for $39 and found out that was per bottle when they charged me and I tried to back out but they took my money anyway,” recounts Lisa Nathan on a Google review, echoing the frustration felt by many others.

Sandy Gordon’s BBB complaint further amplifies the issue: “I ordered one shoe keto on July 9th, 2021 in the amount of $235.66. I called the same morning asking for a refund the amount is not what I thought. I was told they would give a better price and would refund me $36.96 and 78.70 within 7 to 10 business days. I have yet to receive my refund.”

Customer Reviews: A Testament to Discontent

A flood of customer complaints on various platforms, including Instagram, offers insight into the growing discontent with LimitlessX. Justin Levine’s indignation is palpable as he calls out the company on Instagram: “This is a scam! Fake. Doesn’t do crap! And I can’t get a refund! I’m gonna put everyone with this fake pill on front street! Stop this scam!”

On Google Reviews, a similar sentiment resonates with Lisa Nathan’s experience: “I was going to order the bottles of gummies for $39 and found out that was per bottle when they charged me and I tried to back out but they took my money anyway and I returned the product to get my money back and followed every direction.”

The outrage is echoed by Andy Taber, who voices his frustration on Google: “I ordered 1 time. They have now taken money out off my bank account 2 times after I told them to cancel any further orders after my first purchase. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.”

A Pattern of Deceptive Practices

The reviews collectively reveal a pattern of alleged deceptive practices, where customers are lured with misleading pricing, charged excessively, and left to grapple with unresponsive customer service when seeking refunds. Kayla Johnson’s Google review furthers this narrative: “DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SCAM COMPANY. They shipped and charged my card anyway after I told them not to charge any of my credit cards as I did not want the product.”

Louis Carpentier’s experience rings with the agony of many others: “Sent me a product I never ordered. Have to pay for shipping to return the items and hopefully get a refund. They will not pay for return shipping. Need to have all my information removed from their system.”

A Continuing Saga of Deception

This saga of deception continued unabated even after Oprah had made it clear she did not endorse such products. The audacity with which LimitlessX is alleged to have continued its operations raises significant concerns about the oversight and regulation within the supplement and merchant processing industry.

As the court documents pile up and the voices of defrauded customers grow louder, the case against LimitlessX becomes not just a legal matter, but a public outcry for justice and corporate accountability.

In the next installment of this series, we will delve deeper into the straw holder confessions and the alleged banking circumventions that LimitlessX used to sustain their operations. Stay tuned to Dirty.Fund as we continue to unravel the complex web of LimitlessX’s operations, where the exploitation of a trusted name meets the exploitation of the public trust.

Join us in Part III: The Straw Holder’s Confession: Inside the LimitlessX Operation, where the gritty details of banking manipulation come to light.

By Cameron Stone, Senior Investigative Reporter, Dirty.Fund

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