MudAi Pioneers Personalized AI Metaverse to Enrich User Experience

NEW YORK, NY, October 11, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – Recently, MudAi has announced the launch of its next-generation virtual world project that seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence technology. MudAi’s overarching vision is to increase individual disposable time by allowing personalized Ai to act on behalf of users in the metaverse, significantly reducing the time they spend online.

Looking back, just 20 years ago, the majority held skeptical views about the advent of the internet age. Some even resisted the changing tides of the future. However, within a few short years, these negative opinions vanished. Regulations in every sector, from shopping malls to financial and government services, were relaxed and agreements were reached. Now, people live in an era where life without the internet is nearly unthinkable.

Historically, technological advancements often start with questions about their potential dangers. Yet, the moment convenience overtakes these concerns, technology seamlessly integrates into people’s lives.

In recent years, interest in virtual worlds has grown. As discussions about the metaverse progress, numerous companies are investing heavily, vying for a head start in this market. The metaverse, in its various forms, has captured the market’s attention. Recently, there’s been a surge of interest in MudAi, a next-gen metaverse project that integrates the metaverse with AI technology.

What is the MudAi project

Many people who have come across MudAi’s website, documentation, or news about their beta release tend to mistake us for just another “metaverse” project. That’s partially correct but also partially a misconception. It seems people think this because the metaverse they have developed, using 3DCG and the Unreal Engine, has graphics that are a notch above existing platforms. However, they didn’t start MudAi to create a metaverse. It’s a project they have been developing for the past three years to enrich users’ disposable time through personalized AI and blockchain technology.

Katey Park, the CEO of MudAi, at WebX Japan Conference, said: “MudAi offers a personalized AI that understands each user. We call this the “Ai.” If everyone had this, they’d essentially have their own AI secretary. To visualize and observe this electronic activity, we developed an avatar as an alternative self. This led to the development of our metaverse. Given the state-of-the-art graphics technology we use, our metaverse showcases graphics of a different dimension. As you can see, the starting point and goal of MudAi’s metaverse differ from others. It exists primarily as a byproduct to visualize and observe the actions of our personalized Ai.”

“We’ve already released a beta version. By the third quarter of this year, we plan to release the MudAi app, integrating several features. Users can employ their personalized AI as a dedicated assistant. The app also serves as an entry point to the metaverse and allows users to form communities through chat. The AI continues to learn and understand the user through all the data generated within the app. The more users engage with the MudAi app, the more their AI’s capabilities as an assistant or an alternative self will increase. All data is managed on the blockchain, ensuring secure storage, and users will receive incentives through a concept called data mining,” said Katey Park.

MudAi’s Future Plans

Through their beta release, users can create their own Ai, communicate, and train them. This means users have an Ai that understands them, serving as an alter ego or assistant. As the metaverse expands and activities within it become more connected to reality, MudAi’s Ai will be able to execute tasks even when the user is logged out. Its potential applications are immeasurable.

The focus on AI only intensified a little over a year ago, and the initial stirrings of the metaverse began just 3-4 years ago. Yet, the MudAi team, a modest startup, had envisioned and developed this project four years back, piquing curiosity about their background.

With growing anticipation for virtual spaces called metaverses and the recent rise in interest in AI due to the advent of ChatGPT, there’s immense excitement about the results MudAi will produce by combining the metaverse and AI, especially with the added concept of ‘personalization’.

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