The Fed, Inflation, and Debt: The Factors Behind DinoN’s Market Crash Prediction

DinoN, the founder of a popular telegram channel with over 100k followers, is predicting another market collapse but this time everyone gets caught to it and many companies go bankrupt.

Cryptocurrencies, he says, will suffer the most as 99% of them disappear after such a crash and regulations.

DinoN, who runs ND Signals & Trades, a channel where he shares his trades and setups for spot and leverage markets, claims to have over 90% accuracy in his predictions. He recently posted analysis on his channel warning his followers of an impending doom for the global economy.

According to DinoN, the current market conditions are similar to those of 2007-2008, when the housing bubble burst and triggered a financial crisis. He says that the Federal Reserve has been pumping too much money into the economy, creating an “everything bubble” that has inflated asset prices to unsustainable levels.

He also says that the Fed has been raising interest rates too fast and too high, putting pressure on consumers, businesses, and real estate developers who are struggling to service their debts. He expects the Fed to reverse course and cut rates drastically in the near future, but that will not be enough to prevent a crash.

DinoN believes that the stock market could plunge 30%, and that many sectors will be hit hard by the downturn. He singles out cryptocurrencies as the most vulnerable asset class, as he expects regulators to crack down on them and investors to lose confidence in them.

He says that only a few solid and strong cryptocurrencies will survive the crash, and that those who want to invest in them should do their research and be careful. He advises his followers to diversify their portfolios and hedge their risks with gold and silver.

DinoN’s prediction is not shared by everyone in the financial community. Some experts argue that the economy is still recovering from the pandemic-induced recession of 2020-2021, and that inflation is transitory and not a threat. They also point out that earnings have been strong and that geopolitical risks have eased.

However, DinoN is not alone in his bearish outlook. Other market veterans, such as Stephanie Pomboy of Macro Mavens and Jeremy Grantham of GMO & Micheal Burry have also warned of a possible market crash and recession in 2023. They cite similar factors as DinoN, such as inflation, interest rates, debt levels, and asset bubbles.

Whether DinoN’s prediction will come true or not remains to be seen. But his telegram channel has gained more attention and followers since he made his bold call as most of his previous calls came out to be true. He says he will continue to share his trades and setups with his audience, and hopes they will benefit from his insights.

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