Analysis of advertising machine for the choice of placement location.

Advertisement placement location for high traffic by ROGTAZR Advertisement placement

 London, United Kingdom, 25th Oct 2022,  Advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent equipment, which constitutes a complete advertising broadcasting and control system through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display, and carries out advertising through multimedia materials such as pictures, texts, videos, small plug-ins (weather, exchange rates, etc.). The original concept of advertising machine is to turn advertising into passive to active, so the interactive nature of advertising machine makes it have many public service functions, and in this way to attract customers to actively browse advertising. (ROGTAZR advertisement platform)

Advertising machine for the placement of the choice of location analysis.

1、 Placed in places with high traffic flow

It is a good choice to put the advertising machine in the place with more people flow, so that it can achieve the maximum utilization. It will be better to place it at the entrance than at the exit. If a retail store, the machine should be placed separately along popular paths where people will easily see it. Because people do not like to wait, especially when they are buying something, there should be enough advertising machines placed in the branch to ensure that they can serve consumers more quickly. (ROGTAZR advertisement platform)

2. Place multiple advertising machines at the same location

This will increase the impact of the scene. The placement is good, but when there are too few machines also cannot maximize the advertising effect of the advertising machine, including the long wait, which will lead to reduced sales and consumer dissatisfaction. The best deployment plan is to provide enough digital signage advertising machines to ensure good coverage in all locations and that even if one machine is undergoing maintenance it will not affect the normal operation of the store. After the use of many devices, sales have increased substantially and consumers feel very happy in shopping. (ROGTAZR advertisement platform)

3、Continuous broadcasting of advertisements for consumers to be familiar with

If the advertising machine displays a company’s continuous advertising product information, it will make people more willing to spend more time and money to understand the product and service. When the LCD advertising machine is based on the understanding of human psychology, it can bring great benefits to most companies. (ROGTAZR advertisement platform)

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